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2018  Championships

2nd & 3rd June

Report on Single Handed Races from Jon Harvey

Day one of the 2018 Lymington River Scow Championships looked blessed by conditions most sailors dream of, a fine breeze from the southwest and plenty of sunshine, however as competition commenced banks of fog rolled over Hurst Spit dropping the temperature markedly and leaving many crews wishing they'd worn more than a T-shirt and spray top. Despite the meteorological obfuscation Race Officer Robin Dent got proceedings underway pretty promptly.

In the single handed fleet Robbie Claridge immediately set the pace, as he was to do in all three of Saturdays races, he was followed home in race one by John Chaundy and Jon Harvey, in race two by Eric Williams and John Chaundy, and in race three by Jon Harvey and Eric Williams, so overnight Robbie led the field comfortably while a single point separated Messrs Chaundy, Harvey, and Williams for the next three places.  

presented a new challenge for the Race Officer, a light South Easterly breeze which progressively veered to the south west as the start time approached, nonetheless Robin Dent once again got proceedings away promptly. The lighter conditions clearly favoured Jon Harvey who led from Robbie Claridge at the windward mark, and notwithstanding slight confusion about when and where the race was finishing these positions held. Behind them a fair tussle developed on the downwind leg against the tide with David Carslaw coming out on top for third. The final race started in an even lighter breeze and staying the correct side of the start line against a building tide proved challenging. In the event Eric Williams pulled off a fine port start from the pin end just clearing Jon Harvey. When tacks were traded it was Jon Harvey who popped out in front and this remained the order through to the finish. Robbie Claridge recovered from an uncharacteristic start for third.

Totting up the results Robbie Claridge took the championships for the second year running with 5 points, in second place Jon Harvey on 7 points, and in third Eric Williams with 12 points.

Report on Double Handed Races from Rory Paton

On a lovely morning, 17 double handers set sail at Keyhaven, just before the start an eerie sea fog rolled in but everyone pressed on. Race 1 Chris and Grace Cecil Wright’s “Smartie” were on fine form leading Sarah Richards and Harry West in “Pooh Sticks” however they were passed downwind by Rory and Alex Paton’s “Wizard”. 


Race two, the tide had started to turn and with the wind building a highly competitive start ensued, several boats taking penalties. “Smartie” powered away to win from Sarah and Leo Gosling’s “Oui” with Chloe Martin and Maria Claridge sailing “Kai” into 3rd.


Race 3 brought fresh hiking conditions Jo and Freya Hutchinson’s “Jemima” stormed into an early lead although they were passed by “Wizard” they held off “Oui” for 2nd place. The teams returned to the shore and the excellent hospitality of the KYC.


Sunday was very sunny and hot, luckily the sea-breeze appeared earlier than normal. Another hotly contested start-line in which several boats had to return having been OCS. Early leaders Ollie Tait and Alice Wood’s “Whimsey” were passed on the second lap by “Oui” and Molly and Claire Bridge’s “Birthday Girl”.


In a building ebb tide and less wind, it was all to play for in the final race. “Wizard” secured an early lead and despite a strong challenge from “Kai” and “Jemima” with some difficult mark rounding’s went on to win. Overall a special weekend very well managed by the host Club and the LRSCA class association


1st           Wizard             Rory and Alex Paton                                         7 points

2nd          Oui                  Sarah and Leo Gosling                                    12 points

3rd           Smartie           Chris, Grace and Sam Cecil Wright                   15 points

4th           Jemima            Jo and Freya Hutchinson                                 15 points

5th           Kai                  Chloe Martin and Maria Claridge                       15 points            



Single Handed

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetBoatClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNameRatingRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5TotalNett
        12:0513:38 13:00   
1stScowKrillL R Scow513Robbie Claridge 14851.
2ndScowWagtailL R Scow527John Harvey 14853.0(5.0)
3rdScowIDAL R Scow308Eric Williams 'M' 14855.02.03.0(7.0)
4thScowAmyL R Scow559John Chaundy 'M' 14852.03.0(4.0)
5thScowFrithaL R Scow536Angus Raby 14854.04.0(5.0)
6thScowZephyrusL R Scow512David Carslaw 'M' 1485(7.0)
7thScowBlue AngelL R Scow373Tim Mack 14856.06.06.0(8.0)
8thScowMerhabaL R Scow500David Barnett 1485(8.0)
9thScowDorisL R Scow522Brendan Nellis 14859.0(10.0 DNC)10.0 DNC9.

Double Handed 

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 17, Scoring system: Appendix A
RankFleetBoatClassSailNoHelmNameCrewNameRatingRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 45ace 5TotalNett
        12:0513:38 13:00   
1stScow DoubleWizardL R Scow314Rory PatonAlex Paton14851.0(4.0)
2ndScow DoubleOuiL R Scow529Sarah Gosling 'N'Leo Gosling14856.
3rdScow DoubleSmartieL R Scow505Chris Cecil-WrightGrace / Lily / Sam Cecil Wright14852.01.06.0(8.0)
4thScow DoubleJemimaL R Scow337Jo HutchinsonFreya / Hutchinson14854.06.02.0(12.0)
5thScow DoubleKaiL R Scow554Chloe MartinMaria Claridge14855.03.05.0(7.0)
6thScow DoublePooh SticksL R Scow299Sarah RichardsHarry West14853.05.0(7.0)
7thScow DoubleWhimsyL R Scow460Ollie TaitAlice Wood1485(8.0)
8thScow DoubleBirthday GirlL R Scow461Molly BridgeClare Bridge1485(9.0)
9thScow DoubleZacinthaL R Scow473Jeremy Vines 'M'Max Vines148510.0(12.0)
10thScow DoubleSwallowL R Scow266Sonia GoacherCarol Maskell14857.0(11.0)
11thScow DoublePig in a PuddleL R Scow531Tim PowerLiz Power148511.
12thScow DoubleOlinaL R Scow488Claire SowryJulian Sowry148512.0(13.0)
13thScow DoubleSpindriftL R Scow339Stephen BoydLesley Boyd1485(14.0)
14thScow DoubleCalistoL R Scow365Simon VerdonRachel Verdon1485(15.0)
15thScow DoubleTiramasuL R Scow399Allen MannKevin Mann / Alan Bartlett1485(16.0)
16thScow DoubleCheersL R Scow313Dominic FordPaddy Ford148513.0(18.0 DNC)18.0 DNC18.0 DNC18.0 DNC85.067.0
17thScow DoubleJubileeL R Scow279Alison BoxallGeorgia Verdon1485(18.0 DNC)18.0 DNC18.0 DNC16.


Best newcomer (to Scows!)                   Sarah Gosling

Masters Single Handed                          Eric Williams

Masters Double Handed                         Jeremy and Max Vines