Lymington River Scow Class Association
Representing interests of LR Scow owners and promoting the Class

Articles submitted by LRSCA members for the Tell Tales & Trail Sail Trophies awarded at the AGM each year (or just for publication). 


"Blue Bottle A-Broad and Awash"                             David Linsell               Trail Sail (WINNER)


"KYC trip to Brownsea"                                    Jo Edwards                 Telltales

"Blue Bottle A-Broad"                                                   David Linsell               Trail Sail


"Do we need a road trailer for our Scow?"            Jonathan Cook            Telltales (WINNER)

"Emsworth Sailing Club's Centenary Sail Past"      Roger Bleasby               Telltales

"Threading the Needles, July 2019"                           Gordon Stredwick       Telltales


"A Very Odd Thing Happened....."                              Max Vines               Telltales   (WINNER)

"A Champagne Potter"                                                  Jeremy Vines           Telltales

"Scow Potter in Chichester Harbour"                        Anne Carnegie         Telltales